Around Grandfather Fire

Discussions about spirituality, mythology, animism, and culture around a virtual sacred fire. Hosted by Caitlin Stormbreaker, Sarenth Odinsson and Jim TwoSnakes.


AGF 108 – Lauren Crow, the Steer of the Troth

Also Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Amazon Music, and more! Warning: we cover a few heavy topics this episode Lauren Crow is the President and CEO (Steer) of The Troth, the oldest, largest and only woman-lead international organization for inclusive Heathenry, and Gythia of the Black Beard Kindred of Central Arkansas. In addition,…

AGF 107 – Authenticity

Also Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Amazon Music, and more! You hear a lot about authenticity especially in Spiritual spaces. Your hosts Caitlin, Sarenth and Jim try to dive into the term, and understand what it means for them, and maybe for you! – Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/around-grandfather-fire/message Suggest a topic…

AGF 106 – Healing Cultural Narcissism

Also Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Amazon Music, and more! We welcome Jeanine Canty Ph.D. author of Returning the Self to Nature: Undoing Our Collective Narcissism and Healing Our Planet. Our conversation covers the ecopsychology, the multicultural self, cultural trauma, I Am Us, living your questions, can narcissism be positive, apologizing to your…

Our Hosts

Caitlin Storm Breaker

Caitlin started with practicing yoga, dabbled in first nations studies, blended in Norse practices and finally landed firmly in the tradition that has come to us from high in the Andean Mountains. She been a practicing Paq’o for approximately 6 years.

Jim Two Snakes

Jim is an initiate of the traditions of the Q’ero, the descendants of the Inca, who live in one of the most remote places in the Peruvian Andes. For over two decades has Jim studied and practiced how these ancient mountain traditions are reflected in the deep cold waters of the Great Lakes.

Sarenth Odinsson

Sarenth is a Heathen, goði of Mimirsbrunnr Kindred, a Heathen spirit worker and priest of Odin and Anubis. Odin is his Father, and his patron god. Sarenth serves the polytheist and Pagan communities as a shaman, priest, writer, spiritual counselor, and diviner.

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The Latest From Caitlin

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The Latest From Jim

  • I deactivated my Facebook profile today. Starting over, will be very limited on friend requests made or accepted. Part of my becoming more private. But I will say I am getting more upbeat about the next season of the podcast. … Continue reading →
  • Sorry to have been gone so long, I have been making changes and trying to decide what comments to make about them. Many aspects of my practice are under review as I try to sort out what it is I … Continue reading →

The Latest From Sarenth

  • If you want to submit a request for a prayer, poem, or song to be written to you privately or to be posted on this blog or my Patreon for a God, Ancestor, or spirit, sign up for the Ansuz and above level here on my Patreon. This request was made by Maleck for Chamomile. Hail […]
  • “What is it like connecting with a wolf pelt or other wolf parts?” If you want to submit a topic you would like me to write on for this blog or my Patreon, sign up for the Ansuz level or above here on my Patreon. From Maleck comes this topic: “What is it like connecting with […]