AGF 20 – Science Fiction Double Feature


Around Grandfather Fire – Episode 20

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In our first part of this two part episode, Sarenth and Jim welcome Ruune to talk about runes, embedding runes in music, Ruune’s amazing new album “Neptune in Babylon”, chaos magic, rune magic, music in general, comic books, Zoe Quinn, Rasputin and more!

In the second part, sticking with an amazing theme, Jim and Sarenth welcome Shane Wheeler, to talk about Chaos Magic, the Bering sea, attacking yourself with energy, The Invisibles, comic books, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, V for Vendetta, Hogwarts, Doctor Doom, what do superheroes reflect about us and society?, Loki, Cosplay, Masks and Shamanism, and Vector and the Meta Pirates

Get ready for nearly 4 hours of podcast fun!

Ruune, is a genderqueer witch who uses the elder futhark, some tenants of chaos magick, and tarot to do village witch work in Portland Or. Ruune also recently released an album of magickal work called “Neptune in Babylon” on Fake Four Records, (a half-concept album about a fairy cyberpunk world) that used a lot of ritual to create the piece of work.

The queer witch podcast

A biologist, film maker, and occultist, Shane Wheeler has been practicing magic for twenty years, focusing on chaos magick for the last fifteen. A natural scientist, Shane’s approach to the occult has been one of experimentation and innovation, learning and inventing new techniques to see what works, often synthesizing scientific knowledge and various artistic approaches into the art and science of magick, as well as vice versa. Believing strongly in empowering others, they’ve recently released a series of high impact training manuals for various magick skills under the psuedonym of Simple Psiman through Amazon and other e-publishers. They also continue to create films in the horror sphere with their production company Slashproof Productions.

Opening voice work Kai Belcher

Music “Ophelia” by Les Hayden, provided by the Free Music Archive and used under Creative Commons licenses

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