AGF 27 – Herbal Lore, Plant Spirits and Loving Loki with Nicole


Around Grandfather Fire – Episode 27

Copyright 2019

Nicole of Living Roots Creations and the Witchy Weed Patreon comes on to discuss herbal lore and botanical knowledge, interacting with plant spirits and the fair folk, and what it’s like to have a relationship with Loki

Living  Roots embodies my life’s work: to reconnect people to themselves, the  natural world, and their ancestry. You have all the power to take hold  of your life and to achieve your dreams within you. Let me help you unlock it!

Welcome to the Patreon page for the Witchy Weed Project. My name is  Nicole and this project is the result of the combination of an  environmental biology degree and nearly 20 years of spiritual practice. I  became acutely aware in that time of the need for a herb guide that was  written to break down the complex world of botany into common language.  Together we’re creating possibly the first “choose your own adventure”  style of plant identification guide.

Opening voice work Kai Belcher

Music “Ophelia” by Les Hayden, provided by the Free Music Archive and used under Creative Commons licenses:

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