AGF 47 – Food, Wine, Beer & Magic with Gwion Raven


Jim, Caitlin and Sarenth are joined by Gwion Raven to talk about his amazing new book, “The Magick of Food: Rituals, Offerings & Why We Eat Together” which is a magickal collection of lore, recipes, and practices from modern and ancient cultures of the world.

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This episode sponsored by Arderin Summit, who offers intuitive, tarot, rune and tea leaf readings.


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Fire Drake – Emily H.

Blaze – Marco

Flame – Kai and Kathleen

Kindling – Victoria S., SilkenFern, Maleck Odinsson, Tammi C.

Spark – Nick H., LaDena B., Melkor, Allissa A., Amy B.,  Fen’Harel

Tinder – AkaNeko13, Kelley H., Kristine M., Claire S., Hanna W., Zediwards

Opening voice work Kai Belcher

Music “Ophelia” by Les Hayden, provided by the Free Music Archive and used under Creative Commons licenses:

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