AGF 85 – Loki Is My Side Chick


Lea Svendsen joins us to talk about the much misunderstood Loki, as well as being raised as an unchurched Heathen, PTSD, and the loyalty of Sigyn. Loki is more than you think, being a loving husband and devoted parent, as well as the God of Accountability. Lea’s book Loki and Sigyn; Lessons on Chaos, Laughter, & Loyalty from the Norse Gods is available from Llewellyn.

Lea’s Blog with some “201” material is at

Prayer to Loki by Sarenth

I see Your sly smile
In the comedian’s grin and the smirk of an elder
I see Your Form
In the lighter flame and the cigar smoke
I see Your signs
Where spiders weave and foxes prance
I hear Your chuckles
At the joke’s climax and the laughter of crowds
I hear Your giggle
At the little follies and honest mistakes
I hear Your howl
At the hurt of children and injustice’s cruelties
I feel Your Touch
Before the small fire and candle flame
I feel Your Power
In the throes of laughter and heat of torches
I feel Your Presence
When truth is told and laughter heals
Hail, Loki Laufeyson!

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