AGF 100th Episode and Interview With Phyllis Curott

Join us for a virtual Halloween Party to celebrate the 100th episode of Around Grandfather Fire! We will have a very special guest for our 100th episode: famed witch, creator of the Witches Wisdom Tarot and author of the upcoming book Spells For Living Well, Phyllis Curott!. And you can enter to win a single question tarot reading from her, and hear the answer on our show! Link to enter the contest is below.

AND you can attend the party when we record the episode in our live Zoom call. We will open up the Zoom a half hour before Phyllis joins us, (6:30 PM Eastern Time, Phyllis will be joining us around 7) and if you want to you can get on camera and show off your costume. We will be selecting a winning costume to get a free tarot, oracle card or rune reading from one of your co-hosts! Just follow us on FB, we will be posting the Zoom link the day of the show.

Please leave your entry for the reading from Phyllis below!

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